The Fuel Mule

The Fuel Mule is a very simple device that fits around the fuel line in your car, truck, or furnace. The Fuel Mule fuel device aligns the electrons of the atoms in the molecules allowing the fuel to combust more efficiently. The fuel combusting more efficiently allows the engine or furnace to work less. The result is up to 30% cleaner emissions and up to 30% less fuel consumption. This system works on any type of fuel (gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, fuel oil or ethanol). More efficientcy will result in increased horsepower, cleaner emissions and fuel savings. The Fuel Mule utilizes scientifically engineered, industrial*, Nichel-Cobalt magnets, encased in non magnetic, 304 stainless steel. * 12,800 GAUSS 640 OERSTEDS 5.5 MGOe $249.95 include installation and shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States
The Fuel Mule
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Price $249.95